A Guide for Purchasing the Best Massager for Muscle Knots

Buying a massager for muscle knots is a great way to ensure a massage at your convenience. You can use it to relieve muscle pain of varying degrees and eventually prevent muscle knots from developing in the first place. But you need to pay heed to the kind of massager you buy as all such tools are not made equal.

Here is a guide for purchasing the best massager for muscle knots.

Refine your Requirement

Before you buy a massager for muscle knots, you need to ascertain what kind of equipment you need. There are various types of massagers now available in the market. You can buy from excellent self massager tools to those that really don’t hit the mark. Self massage tools are perfect to use at home. You can use them by yourself easily. You can also choose from percussion or jigsaw massagers if your requirement is for deep tissue massages. Such massages work well on removing muscle knots.

So, before you buy just any massager, refine your requirement in terms of the massage and the equipment too. There are massagers, which come with multiple speed settings or attachments. You can set the speed as per your need for mild or intense massages. You can even choose a different attachment as per your requirement. Cone heads are perfect for massaging specific pain points whereas ball heads are ideal for deep tissue massages.

If you wish to buy a nice portable massager, check if it comes with a travel kit. You wouldn’t want the different attachments to rattle or break, which can happen if you pack them in just any bag. A good travel case will have different sections with a foam padding for various attachments. It should also be lightweight. The travel case is also useful if you wish to carry the massager to your training center or office and bring it back home with you. When you move houses, you can keep the massager safe in the travel case.

So, look for these features when you are purchasing a massager for muscle knots.

Consider the Quality

You cannot ignore the quality of the massager when purchasing one. Don’t be swayed by fluff descriptions. Carefully read the fine print if you are checking massagers online. Does the description match with the images shown on the website? Does the handle look strong enough to withstand the pressure applied by the massager? Is the handle easy to hold?

If you are buying a percussion massager, pay special heed to the quality of the ball heads. Do they look strong enough to oscillate well at high-speed settings? If the percussion heads are not strong, the massage via them will not be good enough to remove muscle knots.

The material of the massager must be of really high quality. It should not crack within a few weeks of use. A good quality massager can last for years; even with regular use.  

Look for Guarantees and Warranties

Look for a massager with a money-back guarantee. A 30-day, money-back guarantee is quite adequate for checking the quality and performance of a massager. Good brands are likely to offer such guarantees as it shows their firm belief in the quality of their product.

Now, what about a solid warranty? Does the massager you are considering come with one? A year-long warranty on the product is good enough. Ensure that you inquire what the warranty includes in terms of the replacement or repairs of parts.

Check the Cost

Consider the cost of the massager only after you have carefully assessed the above-mentioned criteria. The cost of the massager must be comparable with its quality, features, and benefits for the end-user.

Think of the massager as an investment towards your well-being. It can be used by you and other family members. Using a massager at home will help you save money that you would otherwise need to shell on massages at spas or therapy centers. You can also keep the muscles knots away with regular at-home massages. It will help you perform better at work or not skip office due to excessive muscle pain.

So, consider these factors while you ponder over the cost of the massager for muscle knots.

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