A Guide on Purchasing Boxer Briefs for Women

The 21st century has raised dawn of new beginnings, one of which includes women empowerment. Women have finally put themselves first, above everyone else, and now all that matters to them is comfort. They no longer have to put their bodies through hell, fitting themselves into tiny corsets, making their bodies into sizes that were only imaginable. But thankfully, that pressure is off the table. Now, boxer briefs for women are the new “in”- they are so comfortable, it almost feels like you’re not wearing underwear at all.

Boxer Briefs for Women: The Solution to Everything

Ever wondered how the world becomes a much better place to live in when you’re wearing comfortable underwear? If you’re wondering what that means, you’ve clearly never tried on boxer briefs for women. Of course, there are still women who prefer wearing thongs and bikini briefs and consider these types of underwear as their go-to, but that is clearly because they’re yet to get over the stereotyped idea of “boxers” being exclusively for men. Sure, men have always worn boxers, but the genius who decided to combine boxers with briefs and put it on the curvy deliciousness of a woman deserves an award.

We’ve hopefully convinced you to give boxer briefs for women a try (if you haven’t already). But this article mainly walks you through the basic things to keep in mind while shopping for them, and more importantly, if you’ve never spent time on buying underwear, this article hopefully acts as a guide on how to go about purchasing the right pair of boxer briefs for women!

Shopping Boxer Briefs for Women

Boxer briefs or boyshorts for women is a comfortable selection for underwear, especially considering the long list of types of women’s underwear. It is just an added bonus that it looks so good on them, also. Now that you’ve decided to invest in a good pair for yourself, here are the four most important factors to consider while buying them:

A Fabric That Fits

In case you were wondering if size trumps fabric, you thought wrong. Choosing the right fabric while looking for boxer briefs for women is of utmost importance. Since it will be touching your skin directly, you want to go for cotton blends, or even 100% cotton. This is the most common choice because it is the most breathable fabric while preventing potential yeast infections and such. You want to keep away from semi-polyester and synthetic fabrics when it comes to boxer briefs for women. Your body deserves the best.

Blends with Your Body

Now, this is a very subjective factor and you must do the research required to find the kind of boxer briefs for women that would suit you best. Keep in mind that going for a type of boxer briefs that complements your friend’s body may not be the most ideal decision because every body type and shape is different. What looks good on a size 2 would definitely not work for a size 12. That said, the best thing about boxer briefs for women is that you can easily find a pair that will compliment your body well and accentuate your figure. Keep digging!

A Fit for the Books

The good thing about boxer briefs for women is that the chances of it not fitting you are low, especially if you have gone with a size you usually go for. Since boxer briefs take the shape of your natural curves, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the way it fits. However, keep in mind that if you’re purchasing this online, you may have to do some measuring of your own, using your measuring tape, and find the optimal size online by referencing the sizing chart provided on the retail website. Don’t go for an estimate, because bear in mind, online purchases of women’s underwear often cannot be returned. Better safe than sorry, ladies!

Say Yes to Elasticity & A Loose Fit

Let’s embrace our natural beauty, ladies. Choose loose fits so that you won’t risk chafing and additional discomfort. Go for elasticated waistbands that fit loose so that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable. Of course, don’t go too loose either, you don’t want to be tugging at your underwear every now and then. Having said that, do not choose boxer briefs for women with elasticated leg holes- that is a whole other nightmare. Remember, elastic waistbands, only.

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