All You Need to Know About Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas

Well, babies cry incessantly after feeding due to colic in most cases. You must have been confused as to what happened with him, as it is been no longer that you fed him.

What is colic?

Colic is a pain in the stomach/ gastrointestinal zone of your little ones. Soon after they are fed, infants experience a type of reflux that causes them inexplainable pain. Well, doctors could not find out any solid reason why babies cry due to colic.

There are many tips and practices that work well in helping babies to get relief from colic.

• Doctors suggest laying babies on their stomachs for the smooth exit of air.

• Parents also pat the backs of infants to make them burp.

• You can try this by keeping the baby on your shoulder after feeding them.

• Also, repetitive motion like taking a baby around in a car or rocking them on your shoulder from side to side, etc. can help lessen the pain.

• Most importantly, a personal and warm touch will pass on comfort to your baby and will help to stop them from crying.

Gas entry is the main culprit behind colic. When a baby drinks milk from mom’s breast or a bottle, they also engulf some air, which causes actual pain in their little tummies. But, how would that be if we have the best baby bottles to prevent gas?

The good news is now there are the best baby bottles to prevent gas entry into the tummies of babies. Yes, you read it right! Let us understand all the features and the reason why you should choose these best baby bottles for gas prevention.

How anti-colic bottles help?

As we know by now that air entry causes pain in babies’ tummy. And anti-colic bottles are designed to cut out this root cause. With their special features such as design changes in the nipple, valve systems, and vent systems, anti-colic bottles help parents in a great way to lessen the chances of colic in their babies.

Features of best baby bottles

Grip: Best baby bottles come with ease of grip for your cute one’s hands. They are specially designed in such a way that despite the way the infant or you hold the bottle, the chances of air entry are minimal into their stomach.

Nipple design: Best baby bottles come with a nipple design that is custom made for your baby’s age. They help control the milk flow according to their exact needs. This ensures a lot of peace of mind for you that your baby is in safe hands.

Easy transition: Infants find it tough to adjust between the transition from the mother’s nipple to the bottle instantly. Best baby bottles prevent this issue. They are soft, human touch material that will make your baby fall in love with them.

Adherence to guidelines: Baby bottles need to adhere to the safety guidelines in every best possible way. They should be entirely BPA free and should not contain any harmful material such as phthalate and PVC that does not suit your baby. When you choose the best baby bottles that adhere to these guidelines, you are gifting complete health to your baby.

Easy mix: Anti-colic baby bottles come with a mixer that will mix all the formulae and cereals instantly. With just a press of a button, you are good to give your baby the power of the cereals.

Additional features: Anti-colic baby bottles come with many distinctive features compare to normal feeding bottles. They can reduce air bubble formation by as much as70%. They will contain indicators to tell the charge levels. You can easily charge them, clean them, and carry them. They are designed for babies according to their age. They don’t contain any harmful constituent even in any trace amount.


Colic is a temporary condition where your baby cries of stomach pain. This mostly happens after feeding and visibly in the evening hours. Anti-colic baby bottles can reduce the chances of colic. They help in eliminating the entry of air into your baby’s stomach that is the main trigger for colic. By choosing anti-colic baby bottles for gas removal, you can greatly lessen your worries about your baby suffering from colic.

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