Bonsai Pots – What to Look For

bonsai pots

Bonsai pots play a crucial role in Bonsai Gardening as they affect their growth. It is vital to select a pot with perfect dimensions – length and depth – to allow the tree to grow comfortably.

Here, we will provide you some information about what to look for while choosing the Bonsai pots.


Dimensions are the first of aspects to consider while choosing the right Bonsai pot. Dimensions of the play an important role in the growth of the tree. The selection of the pots should be based on the diameter of the Bonsai trunk. The depth of the pot and the diameter of the Bonsai trunk should complement each other.

•  Round Pots: While selecting round bonsai pots, make sure that the diameter is 1/3rd of the height of the Bonsai tree.

•  Rectangular/oval pots: While opting for rectangular or oval type pots, take care that the diameter of the pot is around 2/3rd of the height of the tree.

Different types of bonsai and ideal pots to their type:

•  Thick Trunk Bonsai: For this type of Bonsai, go for a slightly deeper and narrower pot.

•  Full Canopies Bonsai: The type of pot for this tree should be shallow and wide.

•  Fast Growing Roots Bonsai: Deep pots make perfect choices for these Bonsai trees.

• Flowering Bonsai: Select a deeper pot if your Bonsai grows fruits and flowers.

Root System

Understanding the root system of the tree is also an important thing to look for while selecting the Bonsai pot. Select the pot that allows the proper proliferation space to the roots. The root system of Bonsai trees is similar to its leaf system.

Gather prior knowledge about leaves’ proliferation and choose your Bonsai pot accordingly to ensure the proper growth of your Bonsai Tree.


The shape of the Bonsai tree can give an idea about the appropriate pot for Bonsai. It is one of the trickiest parts to analyze the shape of your Bonsai tree. But once you master it, you can choose a suitable pot with a knack.

Deeply analyze your tree and inspect if it is feminine or masculine. In many cases, the Bonsai tree possesses both the looks but still, you can find one of the characteristics is predominant.

If your tree possesses feminine characteristics, choose a feminine pot that matches its delicate features. And in case if Bonsai flaunts masculine characteristics, choose a masculine pot to parade its robust appearance.


Well, understanding the Bonsai species just by looking at it is a tricky task. But you can highlight some of its unique features by choosing the right pot color for them. If you choose pots similar to the hues of tree leaves, branches, or flowers, you can make the Bonsai look more beautiful and elegant.

•  Bark: Select pot with natural color like bark or trunk of the tree.

•  Flowers: Choose the pot according to the color of Bonsai’s flowers to highlight the beauty of the Bonsai tree.

•  Fruits: The berries bearing Bonsai will look stunning with red, orange, or yellow pots.

•  Leaves: Choose the green pot to highlight the leaves of the Bonsai tree.


Another important thing to look for while selecting the Bonsai pot is its texture. Always remember that the texture of the pot must complement the bonsai tree. Selecting the suitable texture of the pot can give a startling look to your Bonsai tree.

For this, you again have to look for feminine or masculine features of your tree. Once you understand if your tree is feminine or masculine, look for:

• Smooth clay pots to flaunt the softness and serenity of the feminine tree.

• Heavy and rough texture pots for spotlighting its wilderness and vigorous look.


It’s a great deal to achieve the representation and growth of your Bonsai tree. A bonsai fan always wants to choose pots perfectly for the dearest Bonsai tree. Along with aesthetics, the appropriate dimensions, colors, textures, and shapes of the Bonsai trees also matter while looking for the most suitable pots.

Choosing the best pot will help you to showcase the best features of your Bonsai tree and most importantly allow it to grow properly. And bonus, you get compliments for your taste of the pot and the growth of your dearest Bonsai!

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