Five Creative Uses of Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

A reusable mesh produce bag is something you can use for years down the line. Such bags are sturdy and made with quality materials. So, one bag can last you for quite a long period of time.

But you need not limit their use to grocery shopping alone. Consider these five creative ways you can use a reusable mesh produce bag.

1. Arrange your pantry items

You can utilize the space in your pantry in a more meaningful way by using mesh bags for storage instead of boxes alone. Mesh bags are perfect to store dried fruits, packets of dried herbs, and extra pantry staples. When you use mesh bags in the pantry, you won’t need to use bulky boxes on every shelf.

Low quality plastic boxes can release toxins into your stored food items. High-quality boxes can be expensive. Boxes can also occupy a lot of space on the shelves. But it is safe to use mesh bags to store pantry items. You can buy mesh bags made with organic cotton to further protect the food you and your family will consume.

You can even keep your kitchen napkins and other linen inside one of these bags if your kitchen space lacks enough drawers to store them.

2. Wrap your fresh produce

You don’t need to store potatoes, onions, apples, and pears in ugly or dirty sacks in your kitchen or pantry. You can use mesh bags to store them instead. You can even use mesh bags to keep your leafy greens and other vegetables fresh for a longer time until you are ready to use them.

It is easy to hang mesh bags from hooks. So, you can even use them to add a novelty factor to your kitchen or informal dining area. Simply hang them with sturdy hooks by the walls and store vegetables or fruits in them. Just make sure they hang in a place where it is safe for you to do so!

3. Store toys

Yes, why not! Simply use them to organize your child’s room by neatly stowing all the stuffed toys in one bag and other play items in another. You can keep them in one corner where your child can take the toys out easily and even put them back conveniently once he or she is done playing.

4. Organize your clothes

It doesn’t take much for the clothes to get scattered around the house. If you miss folding and organizing even one load of laundry; the clothes can be found just about everywhere.

So, why not use economical mesh bags to organize your clothes instead of buying several expensive hampers or laundry bags?

You can store clean and dry laundry in one bag if you do not have the time to fold them immediately. You can keep the bag where you will see it easily but it won’t be on the way either. So, it will be hard to miss it, and you will be able to finish the chore when you get the time.

Similarly, you can use one bag to store the used clothes that require washing. You can even use several bags to separate whites and other colored clothes and keep them by the washer for your convenient use. Such an organization will also help you to save time when you are ready to tackle the laundry. If you have many clothes for dry cleaning; you can keep them in the mesh bag until you have the time for running this errand.

Mesh bags are easy to fold. So, you can even use them as outfit organizers for your closet. You can store your summer clothes inside these bags during autumn and winter seasons and vice versa. Simply stow the bag with clothes you won’t need for many months away on a top or bottom shelf.

5. Use as a beach bag

You can carry everything you need for a short visit to the beach in a big mesh bag. These bags are easy to clean. So, you won’t need to even bother t keeping the bag safe from spills. Mesh bags can also augment your beach fashion by offering you something unique as an accessory.

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