How to Buy a Yoga Mat Bag- Some Important Tips

Yoga mats are your best companions in yoga classes, but tucking them into your arms is too cumbersome and carrying them in your everyday backpack, sling, or tote is out of the question. So, what do you do? You buy a yoga mat bag that solves all your problems. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right one for your needs.

Decide what kind of bag you would prefer to carry around

Some bags are designed exclusively for yoga mats while some others attach the mat to their bodies with straps while allowing you to store other workout accessories within their zips, pouches, or bigger compartments. Multipurpose bags are ideal if you want to carry all of your stuff within the same bag. They also make great choices for office, travel, and the like. However, if you do not want to leave your mat exposed or don’t mind slinging it onto your shoulders, then a standalone yoga mat bag is a better pick. These bags with closures keep the mats securely while also letting you have a little fun with their stylish materials and patterns.

Choose a spacious bag

Yoga mats are typically available in standard sizes, but what makes them different from one another is their material and weight. Some mats tend to be lightweight while others are bulky, making them extremely difficult to carry around when rolled up. It helps to invest in a bag that accommodates all kinds of yoga mats, irrespective of their sizes. Alternately, should you pick a multipurpose gym, ensure that its size is good enough to fit all your gym related paraphernalia including water bottles, face tissues or towels, deodorants, socks, and shoes. Plus, fresh clothes and toiletries if you take a shower after the workout session. Also, don’t forget the regulars like your keys, cash or cards, and makeup items that are generally present in your handbag or purse. All of these plus the yoga mat is what the bag needs to hold and how spacious it has to be.

Look for organization capabilities

It’s not uncommon to find yoga mat bags with a single compartment to fit in the mat plus all your personal belongings. But, such designs aren’t all that great when you have a lot of things to carry to your workout place. Grazing through the dump within the bag, in search of something small like your keys or a wristband, can be an extremely annoying task. Not to mention the stench that emanates from the bag when you store sweaty and wet stuff along with the good and dry things in the same pocket. On the other hand, having a bag with multiple compartments lets you create a designated space for everything from laptops to phones, wallets, clothes, shoes, and even sweat-drenched items! Not only are bags with compartments and pockets easier to use but they also provide you with a hygienic way of storing all your valuables and essentials.

Select a durable material

Bags, like yoga mats, are made from different materials. The most common are polyester and nylon, which are popular also because of their long-lasting nature. Yoga mat bags made of these materials are also easier to clean, care for and maintain. Additionally, they are wrinkle resistant, stretch and shrink resistant, and fast drying. Such bags are also able to withstand the wear and tear that comes from carrying things around. Many brands also offer water-resistant yoga mat bags, so should getting your bag wet to be a concern, opt for the water-resistant variety.

Pay attention to the price tag

All those features in your yoga mat bag can add to its price, so before you select one, determine how much you are willing to shell out for this fitness accessory. However, remember not to get carried away by the price alone because a cheap bag may be budget-friendly, but there’s no guarantee that it will fulfill all functional needs or that it will last long enough. Vice versa, an expensive bag does not guarantee that it has everything you need. So, pick one that strikes the right balance between catering to your requirements and tastes while being light on your pocket.

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