Reasons Why You Should Buy the Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Why should I buy Mason and Hamlin pianos? If you are buying a piano for the first time, definitely this question has arisen in your mind. And it has to be because to non-specialist spending $30,000, $60,000, $80,000 or more seems absolutely futile. But if you ask any expert, Shall I buy a Mason and Hamlin piano? He will always say “Yes” if you can afford it because everyone cannot afford a luxurious piano.

So what is so special about Mason and Hamlin pianos and why should you buy Mason and Hamlin piano? Let’s find out.

Key reasons to buy Mason and Hamlin Pianos

A professional’s choice

One of the most common reasons why piano afficandos invest in luxurious pianos is because of their mystic feel and rich sound. Almost everybody agrees a bad piano is a recipe of failure. If you are a serious piano player or someone who loves the original sound of the piano, then Mason & Hamlin pianos are for you. These pianos produce an unrivaled sound which can literally make anyone fall in love with pianos. If you have listened to pianists enough, you can easily recognize the difference between a high-end, handcrafted piano and mass-produced industry manufactured piano.

Retain its value

Mason & Hamlin pianos can last for 100 years which is something not possible with production pianos. Mason and Hamlin Pianos are made by hands by craftsmen one by one. A whole lot of time is invested in making of a handcrafted piano. These pianos do not lose their value even after years. It is a gorgeous heirloom which you can pass from generation to generation whereas production pianos are useless after ten years. After ten years cost of rebuilding the piano is more than the actual worth of piano. On the other hand, rebuilding a handcrafted Mason & Hamlin piano is worthy even after 50 years because its resale value justifies the cost of rebuilding.

Save money in the longer run

If you are a serious piano player, even a slightest of change in the quality of sound of a piano is not acceptable. That’s why production pianos can be annoying. These pianos require major rebuilding every six months just to keep them in decent playing condition, and after five to ten years, this rebuilding cost will not justify itself. Therefore, a serious pianist would prefer buying a high quality, premium piano rather than a production piano. If you properly tune your Mason & Hamlin piano as advised by experts, it is enough to keep your piano playing well for years. Also as discussed earlier, even if major rebuilding is required after 15 to 20 years, piano’s resale value would easily justify the cost of rebuilding.

These are the three key reasons why you should buy Mason & Hamlin pianos.

Some other advantages of buying Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Beautiful look

The beautiful look of handcrafted Mason & Hamlin piano can easily enhance the beauty of any place. It is a luxury item, and amazing craftsmanship matches the price tag. If you have a large boring hall in the house and you want to fill the space with something special, a grand piano will be a perfect addition to your empty hall.

Superb sound

Some people think buying a luxury piano is all about to show off. But when you compare the sound coming out of premium pianos to production pianos, you will note the difference and understand why luxury pianos are priced high.

A gorgeous heirloom

A handcrafted premium piano is a gorgeous heirloom that you can pass down to your next generation. Old pianos always have attracted music lovers.

In the end…

Benefits of buying a Mason & Hamlin piano are endless. If you have an extreme passion for music, it is worth to save money for years to purchase this amazing piece of art.

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