Things to Consider Before Buying Wine Online

buy wine online

Buying wine online has become more convenient than ever before. There are so many online wine shops that it can be easy to get lost in too many choices. Here are a few tips for wine connoisseurs to remember when they are going to buy wine online.

Boutique Online Wine Shops

Online wine stores that take wine seriously are going to be the most satisfying for wine connoisseurs to do business with. Boutique online wine stores offer detailed information about the bottles they sell. They provide information about the origins, characteristics and even suitable food pairings. High-quality online wine shops allow their customers to buy wine online with the same confidence as they would in a specialty brick-and-mortar wine shop.

Avoid buying wine online from shops that do not seem permanent or focus too much on discounted prices. Online wine stores that offer heavy discounts are probably not taking care of the storage of their inventory. High-quality boutique wine shops will have temperature-controlled storage facilities that are designed to protect the integrity of each bottle.

Shipping is a Factor

The laws surrounding shipping wine vary from state to state. The first thing a customer should do when they want to buy wine online is to check the shipping information of the online wine retailer. Most online wine shops will list the states that they are permitted to ship to.

Since wine sales are regulated, it is important for customers to remember that a signature of someone over the age of 21 will be required at delivery.

Shipping costs also vary between online wine retailers. Customers should consider the shipping costs when they are considering where to buy wine online. Many online wine shops will offer a discounted shipping rate when multiple bottles are purchased at once. It might make more sense for customers to stock up their wine cellars rather than ordering bottles one or two at a time.

Rare Bottles

Save online ordering for those special bottles. It does not make sense to buy wine online that are cheap and easy to find locally. The shipping costs can transform a cheap bottle of wine into an overpriced cheap bottle of wine. Order wine online that is more difficult to find in person. It might be easier to find a specific vintage or rare bottle at an online wine shop.

Online Sommeliers

Customers who want to buy wine online should look for an online wine shop that has an accessible sommelier on staff. While customers won’t have the face-to-face relationship with the wine shop owner as they would in real life, reputable online wine stores still employ expert sommeliers. It is possible for customers to cultivate a close relationship with their online sommelier. Online sommeliers can keep an eye out for wines that might interest their clients and bring in special bottles for special customers. Just like a good wine shop owner, online sommeliers want to help their customers explore the world of fine wines.

High-quality online wine boutiques encourage customers to ask their sommeliers wine-related questions. When customers take advantage of this exclusive service, they will really start to enjoy all the benefits of buying wine online.

Wine Education

Many wine connoisseurs are looking to online wine retailers to learn more about wines, wine tasting and wine pairings. There are some great wine education sets available for keen wine connoisseurs when they buy wine online. These sets include multiple bottles for tasting, detailed tasting instructions, companion reading material and online access to an expert sommelier. Some online wine shops even offer wrapped bottles for blind tasting experiences.

Customers can also share these learning experiences with friends or as an interesting company social event when they buy wine online in kits. Wine tasting kits and blind tasting kits with matching wine selections can be sent to multiple addresses for virtual group wine tasting events.

There are so many ways that a wine lover can enjoy shopping for wines online. High-quality boutique wine shops have really stepped up their selection and services to enhance the experience as much as possible. Buying wine online can be an incredibly pleasant experience. Those who are new to buying wine online should take their time and find the best wine shop to suit their tastes.

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