Things to Look for While Shopping for Best Baby Bottles to Prevent Gas

While breastfeeding is the most recommended way of feeding your baby, you may need to use baby bottles at some point. Finding the right baby bottle can be tricky, however, as you will want one that the baby takes to with minimum fuss and which is easy to clean. At the same time, you want a bottle with a venting system to reduce instances of gas and colic. Here are some of the things you need to look for while shopping for the best baby bottles to prevent gas:

Venting System in the Baby Bottle

If you have spent sleepless nights comforting a colicky baby, you will especially appreciate baby bottles that come with a venting system to prevent gas and colic. The anti-colic air vent system is usually at the bottom of the baby bottle or in the nipple. Some baby bottles may have straw-like parts to serve the same purpose. The venting system separates air from the milk and allows for a smoother milk flow through the nipple as your baby feeds.

As the baby ingests fewer or no air bubbles with the milk, he or she will have a significantly lower chance of contracting any gas-related discomfort. Along with reducing the risk of gas and colic, the venting system also lowers instances of spit-ups.

Food Mixing System in the Baby Bottle

You have to be very particular about mixing baby formula. Along with containing all the nutrients that your baby needs, it shouldn’t clog the baby bottle nipple while he or she is feeding. Rather than mixing by hand and shaking the bottle to get it right, consider getting a baby bottle with an in-built food mixer. Such mixers are generally battery-operated to keep the baby bottle portable.

You only have to press a button, and the mixer will dissolve the formula chunks and create a smooth blend without any foam or air bubbles. That ensures that your baby doesn’t swallow air along with his or her food and reduces gas, burping, spit-up, and colic.

Additionally, if you are pumping breast milk into the baby bottle, the mixer will ensure that it stays well mixed and doesn’t separate into layers, with the fats floating at the top. Your baby will then have an easier time of drinking the milk.

Battery System in the Baby Bottle

The best baby bottles to prevent gas have mixers that operate with rechargeable batteries. You can charge these up from a USB port. Their type and life may differ from company to company.

The Shape of Baby Bottles and Nipples

You will find baby bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. While the traditional ones are long with slight curves, the newer ones come with ergonomic designs that make them easier to hold for both the baby and you. Many also have markings on them to make it easier for you to measure the baby formula and check how much your baby is feeding.

When it comes to nipples, the best baby bottles to prevent gas have ones that most closely resemble a breast nipple. That is, these nipples have broad bottoms and tapering tops. They are an ideal choice if you are both breastfeeding and bottle feeding your baby.

They will reduce any nipple confusion with the baby and make sure that he or she doesn’t develop feeding habits that could end up making your breasts sore while breastfeeding. Furthermore, you want to get baby bottle nipples with different flow speeds. You could start with a slow flow one for a newborn and upgrade to a comparatively faster flow to suit your baby’s growing needs.

The baby bottle must be easy to clean. If it is of plastic, don’t immerse it in hot water. It will be safer to clean it by microwaving it for a few minutes. You can also wash it in a dishwasher. Furthermore, you will need to replace baby bottles periodically to ensure your baby always has a safe and clean one for feeding. Ideally, keep four or five bottles at hand, so you will have one ready every time your baby needs to feed. It is better to have more baby bottles than to fall short.

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