Three Important Tips to Remember When Looking for Pour Over Coffee Maker Ceramic

Pour over coffee maker ceramic drippers are perfect for brewing coffee. But the caveat it that the dripper must be designed to brew the perfect cup of coffee every time a person uses it for the purpose. Ceramic coffee drippers are easy to use and clean. It makes them ideal to use for pour over coffees. There are no hassles involved in using one. But ensure that you buy a dripper with the right design.

Consider these three important tips when looking for a pour over coffee maker ceramic drippers.

The Spiral Ridges

A ceramic dripper is a small tool. But it contains a number of features to help brew the perfect cup of coffee every time it is used. One such feature is the spiral pattern inside the dripper.

The spirals on the inside of the dripper perform a very crucial function of channeling the water into tiny streams. The slow flow of water via channels as opposed to a direct flow makes all the difference to the coffee’s flavor.

The spirals balance the water’s flow. The balanced flow of water helps the coffee to bloom as needed. If you pour hot water directly onto the coffee grounds; the brew will lack proper flavor. You also won’t get the right intensity of the coffee in your brew.

So, ensure that you remember to look for the spirals in the inside wall of the ceramic dripper when buying one.

The Size of the Bottom Hole

The holes in the ceramic drippers also play an important function in the coffee brewing process. You can find ceramic drippers with one hole or multiple tiny holes. A dripper with one large hole (not very large though) will allow the water to flow seamlessly through it and into the coffee mug. It won’t interfere with the intensity of the brew.

Tiny holes can obstruct the water’s flow by clogging the dripper. The slow flow of water will impede with the brewing process. Yes, the water needs to move through the dripper in a balanced manner. But if the flow is slower than necessary then the coffee grounds will add to the intensity of the brew. Your coffee can become bitter and even tasteless. It is also a pain to unclog the dripper every now and then.

The spiral ridges help to balance the flow of water for the brewing process. For this reason, you don’t really need tiny holes to further enhance the brew. One large hole is perfect for the ideal extraction of the coffee grounds.

So, remember to pay attention to the size of the hole when buying a ceramic dripper.

The Angles of the Walls

The angles of the ceramic dripper walls need to be steep enough to allow a balanced flow of water. The angles help to maximize the brewing area for the coffee grounds. The angles also enable the water to make optimal contact with the coffee grounds.
The angles of the dripper walls also offer more flexibility in terms of filter use. Angled walls are ideal for at least two different sizes or kinds of filters.

So, see to it that the ceramic dripper you are about to buy has nice angled walls.

The Closing Notes

Another useful feature to consider in a ceramic dripper is an agronomical handle. It will help you to pour the coffee comfortably. Also, see to it that the quality of the ceramic is good to excellent. Good quality ceramic won’t stain easily. It will help your ceramic dripper to look good as new for a long time. Ceramic is also easy to clean. So, you won’t have any hassles of cleaning the dripper every time you brew your coffee with it.

The ceramic as the material for coffee drippers are ideal in itself. It helps to retain heat to brew the coffee in the right manner. It is also a safe material to use as it doesn’t seep chemicals into the hot brew as opposed to plastic jars. Chemicals can also spoil the coffee’s flavor.

Add to these the three features mentioned above and you have the perfect pour over coffee maker ceramic dripper in your hands.

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