What Kind of Water is Best for Baby Formula?

To ensure the health and safety of your baby, you must know what kind of water for baby formula should be used. Now it is understandable types of water look similar, but the bottom line is that they are not. There are types of water that contain a high level of minerals in, for instance, spring water. And before you use water for baby formula, there are certain things about it that you should be aware of.

Many parents ask this question that “Can I use tap water for baby formula?”. Well, the answer to it is yes, but if you are doing that there are certain steps that you should be taking before giving the final product to your baby. In this blog, you will learn about what kind of water is best for baby formula and why it is so. Do read through.

Using tap water for baby formula

You must know that though people use tap water the majority of the time, it is not that safe to drink in the United States. It is recommended that if you are using tap water then you must boil it and cool it down before mixing it with the baby formula. When you boil the water, it kills the germs and bacteria present in it. And if there are any minerals present in it, kills that as well. if you are feeding formula to the baby, then know that there are all the necessary minerals and calcium present in it and there is no need to give that extra dose through the water to the baby. Also, boiling water is the only way to ensure the safety of the water as using a home water purification or filtration system is not going to kill all the germs.

Avoid overdose of fluoride

Fluoride is essential to consume as it protects the budding teeth of your little one. But since the babies are too small, an overdose of fluoride can cause problems. That is why even if you are boiling the water, it will only kill the germs in it but not the fluoride content in it. Therefore, if you feel that your baby should not consume too much fluoride, then you must look for an alternative for tap water for baby formula.

And if you think that the water has high concentrations of fluoride, then you must be watchful of how much baby formula you are using. Fluoride is added to the water to strengthen the enamel on the teeth but an overdose of it can result in dental fluorosis. Though it is not a disease it can cause discoloration of the baby’s developing teeth as it attacks only new teeth.

Distilled water for baby formula

Distilled water is nothing but boiled water into steam and then it is condensed back into its liquid form. This water is considered supremely clean and all the ill factors are destroyed during its distillation process. This water for baby formula is considered extremely safe as it does not contain any nutrients in it. Baby formula already comprises all the necessary nutrients that your baby should be consuming daily, therefore, there is no harm in giving distilled water for baby formula while balancing it out with a nutrient-dense diet.

Bottled distilled water is one of the popular choices of the parents as it comes in handy and is trusted. You do not have to go through the hassle of boiling it and sterilizing the water as it is a long process. Since the majority of the parents are working, it is best to opt for a good distilled water bottle brand that is safe to use for your baby.

Though you can use tap water and bottled water to make baby formula. But in both cases, do not forget to sterilize the water by boiling it. If you think that the fluoride content in the water is harmful to the baby, then make sure that you are having a word with the doctor and taking advice regarding the bottled water that you are thinking to use.

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