Why Do We Need Canvas Grocery Bags?

“Hey, I am going grocery shopping.”
“Oh wow, I will join too. Let me bring my canvas grocery bag.”
“Wait, what? Canvas grocery bag? What is that?”

If you heard such exclamations from your friends and peers, then it is time to create awareness about why we should use canvas grocery bags.

Do you know? Every canvas grocery bag has the power to replace thousands of plastic covers that are used otherwise. Yes, the canvas bag is the sturdiest material that we can find in the genre of reusable bags. Besides, they are washable and have many features that would compel anyone who is looking to save Earth from the plastic demons would want to switch to.

Let us understand why we should use canvas grocery bags and their benefits in this post.

Cut down pollution

Paper bags and plastic ones end in waste fills after their lifetime. A canvas grocery bag, on the other hand, will last longer. The reason being they are sturdy compared to both these varieties. Thus, when you choose to use a canvas grocery bag you are contributing your share in reducing the fills. In the long run, tonnes of wastage and the related pollution will be eliminated by using canvas bags.

Save wildlife

Plastic bags have caused enough havoc for animals. We have seen plenty of cases where animals eating them assuming them to be food and dying for no reason. When discarded into the water, plastic bags are also a threat to aquatic life. They kill fishes and other sea animals and thus cause great harm to biodiversity. Canvas bags are eco-friendly and cause no damage to wildlife.

Conserve resources

The creation of plastic bags releases many toxins into the atmosphere. They demand tonnes of water resources and power when we want to recycle them. Canvas bags can be handmade, emit the least pollutants, and do not need high great amounts of power or water for their making. This way you can conserve natural resources to a lot of extents.

Eliminate recycling

We all are in the notion that plastic can be recycled. Though we recycle plastic, the end product is again plastic! We forget this small thought and tend to continue using plastic in many forms. A canvas grocery bag eliminates all such hassles and is a perfect eco-friendly replacement for plastic ones.

Use money wisely

Canvas bags last for years. Every penny you spend on purchasing a canvas bag will be paid back with time. By deciding to switch to canvas bags, you are seeding a green future for your children. Canvas bags are cost-effective options to save the earth and reduce wastage.


If you think that canvas bags are only used for vegetable shopping, think again. Canvas bags are multipurpose. They make awesome shopping accessories when going shopping with friends. Choose one with a quirky caption or in a colorful design. It will repurpose as a good tote bag. You are good to grab one, go, and have fun with our girlfriends on a lazy evening. Youth are loving the range of choices canvas bags are arriving now. They are also easily customizable with custom printed quotes and make good choices as gifts too.

Strong and stable

Canvas is one of the strongest materials available in the cloth range. They last long and can withstand heavy weights of vegetables. Unlike paper bags and polythene ones, they don’t tear easily. All that you need to do is just wash them after multiple uses and dry them. Viola! You are all set to use them again and again.


Gone is the era where we used to think about what to use instead of polythene bags. Now we knew the hazards that plastic waste is bringing on to us, it is high time that we use canvas bags kicking away our faulty innocence. Saving the Earth is everyone’s responsibility and one who turns a blind eye for the same shall no longer be encouraged or supported. It is on all of us to create awareness about the benefits of canvas bags.


Canvas grocery bags are viable and trusted options to curb the plastic waste on the Earth. It’s on all of us to shift towards their usage and start creating more awareness for the same.

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