Why Switch to Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags?

More and more people are switching to canvas grocery bags after years of using plastic bags for their groceries. There are several good reasons for this switch. If you are wondering about whether to start using reusable canvas bags instead of plastic ones, then wonder no more.

Here are some reasons to switch to reusable canvas grocery bags.


The top reason to switch to reusable canvas grocery bags is the environmental factor. Cotton bags are safe for the environment; plastic ones are not in any sense. In fact, plastic bags are choking the oceans and seeping toxins into the soils via landfills. When we throw away plastic bags, it doesn’t decompose. It clogs the waterways and harms the soil. It harms marine life and wildlife if they mistakenly ingest it when drinking water or eating grass or even other animals with plastic inside their intestines (via their food sources).

On the other hand; there are no such risks with cotton bags. Cotton is a biodegradable material. It breaks down quickly and decomposes. So, even if you throw a cotton bag away after years of use; you won’t harm the environment. You can further help the environment by using organic cotton bags. Organic cotton is not harmful to the earth in any way. It is grown without pesticide use. So, there is no harm to the soil at all with its cultivation. If you use colorless cotton bags; you protect the soil from the harmful chemicals in the dyes.

When buying canvas grocery bags; check the product for GOTS certification. GOTS or the Global Organic Textile Standard is the leading organization in the world to certify materials with as organic. If you buy a grocery bag with a GOTS certificate; it means that the cotton used in it is of the highest quality standards.

Convenient to Use

Canvas bags are easy and convenient to use. Organic cotton is easy to wash and clean. You can throw one in the washer or clean it separately by soaking it in detergent and water. If the bags get stained; you can simply clean it, and it will be good to use again. You won’t need to worry about spillage from groceries spoiling the bag. You can store the items in the bag without worries.

You can store them easily by folding them or just hanging them on a hook by the kitchen or pantry wall. You can keep one or two easily in your car for your convenience. You won’t need t worry about storage if you suddenly need to go to the grocery store on your way home from the office. You can even fold canvas bags and carry them in your purse when going shopping.

You can buy totes for heavy loads and comfortably carry them without hurting your fingers. You can use mesh satchels or square totes for your shopping too. Most often; these bags come with broad and sturdy handles. So, it is easy to carry them even when they are full to the brim with groceries.


It can be cost-effective to use canvas grocery bags. One bag can last you for years, even with extensive use. You can buy them in different sizes at the same time to benefit from bulk discounts.

Yes, many sellers offer discounts if you buy canvas bags in multiple quantities. You can buy small, medium, large, and extra-large bags. You can use these bags to store your fresh items in the refrigerator. Green leafy vegetables will remain fresh for long when you use cotton bags to store them. You won’t need to buy expensive and toxic plastic boxes or bags to store your fruits and vegetables. You can store onions and potatoes in these bags without using other containers for this purpose.

You can even use them for other tasks such as to carry extra books or to store your stuff when going to the beach. You can also carry a stylish tote to the mall and stop yourself from using any plastic bag to carry your shopping. One bag alone can offer you many uses.

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