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cheap tanning lotion

For those desiring an even better tan, tanning lotions are complete gamechangers! In addition to helping tanners achieve a deeper tan, it supplies the skin with essential moisture, allowing for a better tan, and essential oils, which are super nourishing for skin. However, the world of indoor tanning lotion is complex – there are so many options and types of tanners, from tinglers and bronzers to intensifiers. While they do relatively the same thing, there are differences between the types. Here’s how to spot the difference and lock down the best cheap tanning lotion for any skin type.

How to Find the Best Cheap Tanning Lotion

1.  Know Your Skin Type

To get the best results from a cheap tanning lotion, and avoid burning, tanners should know their skin type. The level of melanin – the pigment in skin affected by UV rays – differs for everyone and determines one’s tolerance to the sun and tanning beds. Some people burn easier than others, and some turn golden in a single tanning session. There are approximately 6 skin types:

– Type 1 skin is very fair, thus people within this category usually cannot tan without burning.

– Type 2 skin can obtain a tan, but very slowly and usually people within this category sunburn first.

– Type 3 skin tans easily, but people within this category can still burn if they are not careful and don’t take precautions, like wearing sunscreen.

– Type 4 skin can tan easily, and people at this end of the spectrum almost never burn when under the sun.

– Type 5 skin is naturally tanned already, and therefore, people with this skin type rarely, if ever, burn—but that doesn’t mean damage from overexposure can’t occur.

– Type 6 skin significantly deepens when exposed to UV rays, and people in this last category rarely burn.

2.  Understand Lotion Types & Price Tags

As said earlier, there are many types of cheap tanning lotions, and prices can vary greatly from type and brand. When shopping for cheap tanning lotions, people should first consider the end result they are hoping to achieve. For those that want a deep, bronzy tan, they should shop for bronzers like delayed bronzers, immediate bronzers, extended bronzers, natural bronzers, and so forth. Look for a number next to an X, like 50X Bronzers, as these give an added boost to your tan without the additional cost.

Cheap tanning lotions categorized as tinglers increase the circulation in the outer layers of skin to bring melanin to the surface and increase exposure to UV rays, resulting in a greater tan. Within a few hours, or tanning bed sessions, tinglers can deepen tans for darker skin, a perfection option for someone who wants results on a budget.

The last best cheap tanning lotion option is known as an intensifier or accelerator, which contains extra hydrators and nutrients to prepare the skin for UV exposure. After all, the softer and smoother the skin, the better the tan!

Search for Deals

Before committing to a bottle of cheap tanning lotion, search for deals! Compare different bottles from different brands to see if there are more affordable options. Sign up for newsletters because businesses often send out promotional codes for a new customer’s first purchase.

How to prep before applying Cheap Tanning Lotion:

1.  Exfoliate: Before applying cheap tanning lotion, exfoliate all the skin that will be exposed to UVA rays. This removes any dry and dead skin and ensures a smooth, streak-free shave.

2.  Shave: This isn’t an aesthetic choice but one that makes it easier to apply cheap tanning lotion, resulting in a better tan. Skipping this step can cause the lotion to accumulate near hair follicles, which will cause tiny, bronzed spots.

3.  Apply a Generous Amount: Always apply a generous amount of cheap tanning lotion, except around the face, because the excess moisture allows the skin to tan better. Apply the tanning lotion in an even, circular motion with firm pressure – this will help reduce dark patches.

4.  Don’t Exfoliate Afterward: Cheap tanning lotion should always be washed off after a tanning session with a plain bar of soap or an unscented body wash—BUT it should not be exfoliated. Doing this after a tan will ruin the end result, so reserve this step for the final phase of a tan.

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