Chi Omega Apparel Shopping – Five Factors to Consider

Chi Omega is built on campus and community involvement, friendship, service, academic excellence, fulfilling one’s career and personal development as well as integrity. Therefore, when it comes in displaying the pride and spirit of Chi Omega, there are amazing collections of Chi Omega apparel for shopping. Whether you are getting ready for the next reunion or gearing up for pledge week, there are unlimited collections of apparel ranging from tees, caps, sweatshirts and many more to choose.

Majority of the fashion stores are covered from bottom to top in the straw and cardinal of Chi Omega, and it always inspires sisters from all over the world to aim for the stars while keeping Chi Omega forever in their hearts. As a sorority member of the reputed society, one should be attentive towards the dress code as the attire is representing your organization and the day you wear Chi Omega apparel, your identity resembles the Greek letter. Below are some of the guidelines for shopping that would help in treating your apparel optimally.

Similar to other reputed Greek sorority communities, Chi Omega wants its members to wear outfits with custom apparels in various occasions like philanthropy, bid day, rush, annual ceremony, or recruitment events. It is important that whatever you are wearing like strolling around the campus, planning to rock in rush events or working together with your mates in philanthropy, you must shop accordance to the relevance of the events. This helps in boosting your personality and taste as well as makes you popular in your group.

• The Greek letters inscribed on the Chi Omega apparel represents your house and shows off your organization. As the Greek letters verified by Greek society, when customizing the letters make sure, the theme is updated, decent and has a good design so that others can understand the status of your society. While brainstorming for designs, you must ensure that the designs are not crazy or funky so that you become a laughing stock in the campus. It is best to shop from top design houses who often help the students in suggesting ideas if anything is required for customizing their plans.

• Buy apparel that has a corporate, elegant, and simple look instead of choosing a cluttered look that conveys a different message of your organization. You must respect the highly admired Greek letters that have been used for centuries by famous celebrities, personalities, and presidents of the United States of America. If you are planning to participate for a particular event like a rush event, foundation day party, community or humanitarian welfare activities, shop for an attire where the theme related to the event displayed on the rear portion. Similarly, the back portion of the dress should display the sub-branch of your community or any unique digit (required for sports). The idea is to people know about your identity as well the subject of the event.

• People wear Chi Omega apparel for flaunting one’s identity and for that you need to shop smartly. While buying tees, you need to keep in mind that choose the right color, and it should match with your particular event. If you are going for a fundraising program for helping the victims of the earthquake in Nepal or providing aid to the distressed persons of a hurricane in California, wearing a white or black color T-shirt with the proper motto on the back side look perfect than wearing a deep color like red or blue.

• Always buy your apparel from authorized and recognized physical as well as online stores that are specialists in serving the Greek communities for many years. As you represent a particular house where there are many members, you can order apparel in bulk to get discounts and free shipping. It is better to work with an experienced design team that can help you in customizing and designing your dress with silkscreen print, twill letters, and embroidery designs after customizing your attire request the team to ship a sample dress before final order so that it fits your body perfectly.

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