Tips to Choose Dual Chime Quartz Clock Movement

Why Clock Movement Gets Damaged?

It’s quite natural that along with the rolling of time, the clock movement will be smashed up. As time pass by, the pivot cavities are bound to get deformed and will become out of shape. Consequently, the pivots will give a high challenge to the gear train. As a result, there will be abrasion in the brass plates of the movement. In due course, the clock’s functionality will stop, the chiming will stop, or both can occur. Professionals who have relevant experience in the repair can make the thing right again. However, it is always wise to buy a new one, as the repaired clock can stop working within a short period. But here, you must take care of one main point; only buy from dependable companies.

Dual Chime Quartz Clock Movement

The availability of a plethora of dual chime quartz clock movement models is indeed a boon to the customers. The price tags will be reasonable when they purchase from reputed merchants. Besides, some of such merchants give clock hands as complimentary gifts. Buyers can choose the precisely matching one that will be perfect for their individual needs. That said, one should be very much careful while purchasing the movement. If you do it carelessly, then for sure, the item you buy will not fit into your dial material.

Measurement Must Be Accurate

In the present market, you can see a wide range of clock movements, and hence, choosing a dual chime quartz clock movement will not be a tough task. However, you must pay the utmost attention while buying the same, as the process of selecting a clock movement needs careful attention. Though the process is not that confusing, you will have to focus fully and get the related measurements correct. Remember, only when the hand shaft length is exact, the mounting will be perfect. Here, you will have to take into account the thickness of the dial material and choose the shaft in line with it. In some cases, the dial will be just a slender piece of metal, and in some other cases, this can be a bit thick. For instance, it can be a thick wooden piece. It is highly significant that the measurements are accurate. The process of taking the measurement must be flawless; you must get the exact size. The thread should have an adequate length so that it suits the thickness of the mount in which you will be fixing the movement. The end portion of the shaft (the threaded end) must emerge out sufficiently; you must be able to mount the movement conveniently. Make sure that the mounting hole in the clock dial is a perfect match for the shaft.

Buy from Reputable Merchants

 The merchant from whom you are buying dual chime quartz clock movement must be experienced and must be technically sound.

 There must be technically qualified personnel in the company. They must be able to give perfect advice to the customers as regards the selection of flawless movement, precisely in sync with their actual requirement.

 One of the other main advantages of buying from a reputed merchant is that you will get free shipping within the United States of America.

 International shipping will be possible, and the rates will be affordable.

 Some leading clock merchants also offer free clock hands.

Use the Internet to Find Trustworthy Traders

You can search through the internet to find the online portals of clock dealers who sell dual chime quartz clock movement. To find the best option, you must visit the websites of some of the dealers. After this, you can compare the quality of the products and the price tags. You must also compare the customer services provided. The trader must be able to sell you even the latest models manufactured by the top clock companies such as Hermle, Sternreiter, Kieninger, etc. Besides, there must be dependable customer service, through which you will be able to sort out all of your purchase-related problems. Above all, you must also compare the pricing of different companies. The price tags must be easy on the pocket.

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