Women’s No Heel Boots – Why They are Current Trends?

Boots are one of those accessories that can tip your look from being dressed for a particular season or trying to give a different outlook. During the fall women’s no heel boots are the preferred footwear. But the trend shows that there are boots that do not look unusual or strange despite the weather conditions.

No heel boots make your walk more attractive

A team of psychologists conducted an experiment for testing what boots can do for a woman’s attractiveness. They recorded females walking in no heel boots and flat shoes. Now they require a technique for isolating the effects so that other factors do not affect the results. So, they decorated 10 women of varying sizes and ages with glow in the dark dots at particular points along their body. Now, these women were asked to walk on a treadmill in complete darkness so that only the glowing dots can be visible – once dressed in flats and another with 2-inch boots. The observers were unable to see the women – their face, weight or age. They could only identify their movement when they were walking. What happens when you rate a lady on her boots walking alone? Apparently, change in walking style. With boots, the stride gets reduces, hips tilted and increased in rotation. Simply put, she walks with swag. Excluding other indicators of attractiveness, this change in walking style alone made the participants women wearing no heel boots more attractive.

More feminine

The above psychologists conducted the same experiment but with little alteration. Now, a new set of participants were shown the same videos of women walking on a treadmill in darkness. But the participants were asked to identify who were males and females.  Every participant has guessed male as they had mistaken a lady in the flat for a man. Scientifically it is proven that boots are feminine, ladylike and girly. When women walk in boots, a fluid swag is required that forces them to move their hips and reminds women that they are women.

Office dress code

A lot of millennials are entering the workforce and fashion have also entered in the workplace for boosting one’s personality, women’s no heel boots at the office are working wonders. From office presentations to office parties, women are wearing these boots with élan.

Culturally –ingrained

Boots with no heels have become an entry point into mutual admiration society. No matter your neighborhood or social circle, boots are the way to ramp up a more casual look on the fly when there is no way to dress up and go home after a long tiring day.                                                                                        

Embracing Pop Culture

If you go through a rack of women’s lifestyle and fashion magazines, you will mostly find cover models posing and at least one publication selling “Boots without heels are making heads turn”. There are numerous benefits of wearing boots like your calf muscles no matter how weak they are, instantly look better when you put on your favorite boots. Sometimes it is difficult and boring to walk in a single woman’s shoe that is the reason we need some special pairs for making the walk a little more fun.


Gets more male attention

According to a series of experiments conducted by a team of researchers, women sitting at a pub wearing flats get noticed by a man within fifteen minutes. But with boots, the time reduced to half and eye contact and conversation starts within seven minutes and that is very impressive. Boots provide an oomph factor and the male gets seduced by it.

Helps in becoming more persuasive

Another experiment reveals that a group of women was taken to the streets. These women now stop pedestrians from filling a survey form about gender equality. The survey found that forty percent of women respond to women wearing flats, sixty percent to women wearing medium heels and eight percent were all ears when women wearing heels with no boots. One needs to ponder. Could this be applicable to business pitches, court cases or convincing husbands for washing the dishes?

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