How to Choose the Right Pond Filter

The pond filter is the equipment that keeps the pond in your garden clean. It is the filtration system that makes the pond’s environment safe for its inhabitants and also for the people living near it. So, it is quite crucial to find the right pond filter.

If you do not give due consideration when selecting the pond filter, you may end up buying the wrong one for your requirements. Perhaps you wanted a small pond filter; not more than 21 inches in height but ended up with equipment with totally undesired dimensions.

Here are some tips to choose the right pond filter.

Is it easy to use?

Your pond filter must be easy to use. It is not used investing in a pond filtration system, which requires you to call in a professional for installation and cleaning.

Choose a filter that comes with a simple back-flushing cleaning system. You should also not require dissembling it every time you want to clean it. Cleaning the filter must also be not a time-consuming task. You should be able to do it within a few minutes.

Its installation must also be simple. Choose a filter, which you can assemble and install using simple tools such as a screwdriver.

Is it sturdy?

Your pond filter must be sturdy enough to last you for many years down the line. Choose a quality brand when you are considering buying a pond filter.

The filter body and all its components must be made with quality materials. The pond filter, after all, will be installed outside and will be in constant touch with the water and waste. So, it needs to be really strong to withstand the elements as well as the sludge.

Is it economical to maintain?

When choosing a pond filter, you also need to consider what it will cost you to maintain it. Often, consumers only pay attention to the cost of buying equipment or other things. But when it comes to pond filters; it requires maintenance and regular upkeep. So, you need to ensure that the maintenance cost of the pond filter is nil to minimal.

To keep maintenance costs low, choose a filter requiring no filter pads. If you need to buy filter pads often; the costs can really add up in the long run. Also, check if the drain kit and any other media required for its use are included with the filter or not. If you need to purchase these items separately then you will need to shell out more initially. If these need replacing then you will need to spend even more to maintain your pond filter.

Is it the right size?

You may be tempted to use the small pond filter you already own in your new large pond. But it really won’t serve its purpose. You need the filter size to be ideal as per the dimensions of the pond.

For a large-sized pond, you will need a filter of at least 31 inches in height. It should also be able to filter the gallon capacity of the pond perfectly. A small pond filter will be ideally 21 inches in height and a medium-sized one around 29 inches in height.

Also, check the width of the filter’s waterfall opening and its total width front to back.

Is it the right filter right for your use?

Once you have identified a filter in terms of the above criteria; assess if it is right for your use. Is the filter capacity sufficient to remove all kinds of waste from your pond? Will the filter only mechanically clean the pond? Will it remove all biowaste from the water?

Is the color of the filter right for your garden’s aesthetics? Is the filter very bulky?

A compact pond filter in black color can be perfect for gardens and backyards in terms of aesthetics. If it is also a perfect fit in other aspects then you can go ahead and buy it.

The right pond filter will not only keep the water body in your garden clean. It will also keep it beautiful by keeping the waste out of it.

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